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Honeycomb Handyman Services is founded on quality, integrity and experience. We pride ourselves on not only our attention to detail, but on our personability and honesty. We are happy to provide any and all services possible, from moving furniture and installing TVs, to landscaping and building. 

Honeycomb Handyman/Remodel was started in 2016 by David Schutt and Neil Hahn. After teaming up on numerous home improvement projects in downtown Salt Lake City, David and Neil registered Honeycomb in order to provide better handyman service to the greater Salt Lake area. The idea behind Honeycomb Handyman is honesty, reliability, and immaculate finish work. Honeycomb takes pride in tackling most any repair that needs to be done. Nowadays David is the sole proprietor and runs the business as Honeycomb Remodel.

Dave Schutt
David did a complete home remodel in 2009 on an historically registered home in downtown Salt Lake. Notable features include historically accurate carpentry as well eccentric design and landscape. He has also successfully managed other small scale remodels in the Valley. David is a proficient project manager and designer, with great foresight for the overall process and finished product.



custom carpentry & complete home repair

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